Tuesday, June 23, 2015

To Shave or Not To Shave

Your legs, pits, crotch, and everything else. Women are sporting their natural hair more and more (or at least now I am seeing it more and more). I initially didn’t think much of it. I mostly had questions about how hairy pits feels like. Nothing serious, just curiosity. It wasn’t until one of my friends posted an article about this new trend that I noticed, in the comments, how passionate people actually felt about women and our hair.

To feel passion about armpit hair on a women, and I’m talking about the bad sort of passion here, must be frustrating. Like, Urg why does this human have hair on her legs and pits? Why must she be so natural?! I bet it must be a funny situation to be in, to hate the natural lady body so much that you shame her for something as human as hair.

Disgusting. Unfeminine. Dirty hippy. Just some words you might see when you browse an article about neon pink armpit hair. And the honest truth is that you can’t help but understand what their talking about, or can you?

Look at shaving commercials. The actress glides the razor over hairless legs and armpits. Like, omg us women don’t have thick, coarse, black hair on our bodies at all! Mhmm. And why do I still buy these brands? Their commercials don’t show us their product in action, where’s the logic in advertising a product not doing its job? But that’s another rant altogether.

Ya, I can see why some people might be uncomfortable about hairy legs, armpits, crotches, heads, stomachs, backs, cats, dogs, monkeys. Wait. No. Regardless of the commercials and the media, we have our humanity (don’t we?). I have hair. You have hair (I’m assuming). We are hairy creatures. And guess what, if you don’t like hair on your partner then you don’t have to date a person with hair. Blow up dolls are getting more and more common these days.

All jokes aside, I wholeheartedly don’t care what others do with their bodies (obviously in a healthy, non harmful scope). Come on, who would that make me?

I enjoy some shaved legs, but I don’t maintain them very well. I get scruffy, so what? It’s tempting to throw out the razor and not have to dedicate the time to shaving.

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