Monday, June 1, 2015

First Year of College | Reflection

Finals are over, grades are almost submitted. My desk is no longer piled up with textbooks, notepads, and assignments. Everything in my room is tidied up. I have the opportunity to sleep in until 10 if I wanted to.

Summer, how I love thee.

My freshman year of college is finished and it’s time to celebrate my freedom! This year has been one of tremendous growth, as I think all freshmen would say. No longer am I able to cruise by in my classes, I have to put a real effort into them now. Even then, I got my first F in six years. Haha, one won’t kill me! Not only am I having to put an effort into classes but I am having to put an effort into socializing. In high school I almost had the same group of people in every class and because we saw each other everyday we became familiar with one another, friendships were easily build. Now, I am having to speak up.

To be honest, I thought I was going to be a shy, awkward little thing with an accent that grows grossly thick whenever I get flustered. To my surprise, I was smooth talking to everyone around me. That’s right! I made study groups, I had close heart-to-hearts, I made loads of friends from my classes. So smug.

What I am loving about college is the freedom I have with the classes. As long as I stick to the graduation requirements I could easily take whatever class I want to, which is a wet dream to this science nerd! I have my next year completely planned out and approved by the college counselors. It’s so nice to not be forced into any specific class. I’m not an artsy person in the least and thankfully I could avoid it.

Time to sit back and relax for a while.

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