Sunday, June 28, 2015

Dear Anti Marriage Facebook Posts

Since same sex marriage has been passed here in the States for the entirety of...what...two days now, my facebook feed has been blowing up with lovely rainbow filtered profile pictures's and loads of cheers! Success! Finally! #lovealwayswins to name a few things. But also, there’s a small percentage of people claiming to be ‘traditional marriage’ supporters and not ‘gay marriage’ supporters. We are all free to think whatever we want, this is just my response to those who have written facebook posts about their disagreeance with the US Supreme Court’s hearing.

Firstly, I am not going to attack a religion. I see religions as a positive, loving, belief system and am spiritual myself. I will just quickly mention that the this ruling has allowed same sex marriage in our country, not in your church. There is a separation between church and state and there has not been an infringement on that.

Gay marriage now, polygamist and incest marriage later. Our traditional (man and woman) marriage definition has set boundaries on the genders involved in marriage and on the amount of people that are bound by it. “The only change in those contracts was those genders.” says Matt Baume, “A few pronouns switched, but from a legal perspective everything still worked exactly the same way.” Baume continues to say that if we were to allow polygamy relationships to marry, than the country would have a lot more to figure out, such as benefits, medical, what would happen in a divorce, custody, and loads more. Baume explains that in order for that to happen, the contract of marriage would have to be rewritten completely. Thus, it would be an entirely different contract all together. Even if you let your mind wonder on that happening, the chances are it wouldn’t be as a result of gay marriage being legalized but on an entirely different reason. Now how about that incest stuff? Not only is it an outlandish idea to link being gay and incest together, because who can see such a comparison? But I will address it anyways. What is the product of incest? Genetic mayhem. What is the product of gay sex? orgasms, cum, and a good time. Not to say that those who partook in incest were not enjoying themselves (shivers) but they inbred. Their children were a whole lot of messed up. Whereas gay sex doesn’t lead to genetically messed up offspring. Because, just in case you didn’t know this, it takes a sperm and an egg to do that. Also, a gay man isn’t dating is daddy, his genetic one at least (bow chika wow wow), or his brother, and a lesbian woman is not dating her mother or sister.

The purpose of marriage is to create a family (ie, have children). Yah, but loads of us can do the baby making process without marriage. Also, what about couples that don’t want to have children? Is their marriage invalid? Or are you going to say that their life is just incomplete without babies. If you do think that, I surely hope you don’t tell your neighbors who physically cannot have children how empty you think their lives are. Some of us just can’t. Some of us just don’t want to. But think of the children. Being raised with daddy and daddy or mommy and mommy isn’t traumatizing. I’m not speaking from experience and I should probably insert a quote here on children who have been. But I’m not going to, you can search the googles for it (haha). We have loads of children in the foster care and adoption system. They can grow up thinking that no one loves them (dramatic, but it is not unheard of) or they can grow up in a household with two loving parents. Those two loving parents who are now not only daddy and daddy or mommy and mommy but are also husband and husband or wife and wife.

The sanctity of the family is under attack. I’m sorry that you no longer feel like a family because other people have been able to start their own. Wow, that must really suck to feel like your family is invalidated because of someone else’s. And incase you haven’t caught onto the sarcasm here, I’m letting you know that that feeling is probably similar to how gay families have been feeling for years. However, no one has told you that your traditional family is not a real family. Marriage being available for more couples does not invalidate the couples who have already been given the privilege of marriage.

The USA is going down! Probably my favorite thing to hear because these people not only think that it is gay marriage being legal that is the reason why the USA is lesser than other countries (have you seen our debt? minimum wage? just to name a few) but they also think that we are somehow not progressing our nation by allowing marriage. Take a look at the map below which has been going around facebook and instagram. It shows the countries (red) where gay marriage is illegal.

I don’t know about you, but here in the state's loads of people look towards European countries, Canada, and even Australia for guidance. Mostly, whenever something happens that is not in our favor we say something like “time to move to Canada!” So here is a map for y’all, and see the loads of developed nations that are not in red. Not Canada, not Mexico, not those European countries that you look up to so much. In a way, at least how I view it, if the USA was still red then we wouldn’t be as advanced as the other developed countries that allow it.

Those are just my unasked for two cents. We are all entitled to our opinions! I just want to show my support for marriage, equality, and love. To not see my country in the red anymore makes me want to celebrate!

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