Thursday, April 16, 2015

Lake Side View

Yesterday I had the pleasure of having a day in the sun with my very close friend Blonde Daze! We were armed with sandwiches, water bottles, and some towels which we threw down and ate while basking in the sun. After eating to our fill, we took the camera down to the lake and prompt it on the tripod for our not-so-typical-but-also-very-typical bestie photoshoot.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Why Yoga?

As a full time student I spend a whole lot of time sitting on my bum staring at the computer screen or cramming in a study date with my flashcards. The amount of time I have to myself is more than cherished but often enough I find it too easy to spend that time sitting in front of Netflix, brainless, and still sitting on my bum.

Monday, April 6, 2015

Comparing BB Creams: Maybelline, Revlon, + Physicians Formula

 If you are like me than the past winter months have been fading out your lovely freckles. This is the time of year where I can put a regular face of makeup on and look in the mirror to see that my foundation is covering the majority of my angel kisses.

IMG_0095 - Copy.JPG

My name is Tatiana and I am a  daughter, sister, college student, turned blogger as I try to share my passions on all things “Beauty, Health, & Travel”. As a full time student I was left with little to no time for myself and it seemed like my life was becoming engulfed in books, studying, & exams. In the need to create my own space for myself I created Finally Freckled.

It is very rare that a college student can afford campsite reservations or plane tickets but the desire for travel was planted within me at a very young age, and as a daughter of two travelers it has become my goal to carry on that lifestyle as I enter adulthood. My goal in life is very simple: to see and do all that this world has to offer. I think it is because of my long history with traveling that my passions for health and beauty were born.