Monday, February 2, 2015

What I Learned About The Pixie Life

How’s winter going for you? Here in Cali it’s practically spring weather! I feel like a floral obsessed flower child threw up all over me.
Floral isn’t my favorite print, at all. And if I’m being honest it annoys me a bit for me to wear. Anyways this weather is totally weird for me because I enjoy having rainy day birthdays and I remember having a birthday party as a child where we were stuck indoors blasting music and my mom let us jump on the living room furniture to the song Jump. Haha, do you remember that song? Jump! Jump! Jump! Jump! At least that’s all I remember from that song.

Tati, you’re getting off topic here. Okay.

  • You can’t just wake up & brush out your hair. That part in the back that looks like a peacock needs to be pampered.
  • Your bangs are the only thing long enough to put in a ponytail and that is pretty damn comfortable for cleaning & working out.
  • Curling your hair will be dangerous if you are as unskilled as I am. It’s worth the burns!
  • Straightening your bangs is tricky because half the time it comes out perfect and half the time I regret it! I usually just go no-heat and style with a pomade.
  • You will be given the weirdest compliments, “I can see your face” and “You look mature” are my favorites.
  • I heard people say that they felt liberated & trust me chopping off loads of hair into a pixie is liberating.
  • Even if my hair isn't wet before I go to sleep I still wake up unable to recognize myself some mornings... and afternoons if I am being completely honest about the time I wake up!

But I love it!

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