Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Weekend Rundown

I love reading weekend recap posts & especially if they have a list of goals they are going to meet for the following week. I’m a sucker for it all! Since Monday was a holiday for me I decided I might as well try my hand out at it.

I started off my weekend powerfully on Friday by taking a trail run on Westwood Hills & I chose my left trail as usual. I say it’s my trail because I used to run it all the time & I just love how seclusive the narrow path feels. After that I cracked down and made flashcards for my first Biology Exam. Since I didn’t have this post in mind I didn’t even think of taking pictures of the jog. Oops!
Then came the day of love. It’s overly cheesy, obnoxious, but always fun to get swept up in. As a single this year, I thought what better way to spend the day than to #treatyoself. I drew a warm bath, fizzers included, made myself some sourdough toast with greek yogurt mixed with honey on top, topped with berries. As beautiful as they looked I was only able to enjoy one of them, I clumsily dropped the other one on the tile floor. Again, oops! I studied a bit before I called it a day and had a fabulous date with Netflix. Greys Anatomy, anyone?

Sunday was a funday this weekend! How often is that true? I shot a spoof commercial for venus razors. It’s for my english class, but it was loads of fun to shoot with my 2 buddies Michelle and Ferlin. It was a pain in my bum to edit out their laughs mid-pose.

Monday was actually really great, on top of not having to spend the beautiful day indoors studying I went to Monterey! Great food, pretty views, the smell of the sea, what’s not to love?

I know that today isn’t the weekend but I just need to brag a bit. I totally killed the exam!

Next Week:
Blog more
Finalize CMA Class Paperwork
CMA homework?
Size for Scrubs
Pack for Disneyland!!
Make Chemistry Flashcards
Hangout with The Parents
Go to Disney with Michelle!

Still living in the birthday buzz!

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