Wednesday, February 11, 2015

How To Stay Motivated To Study

As far as being naturally smart goes I’d have to say that I am not. Concepts aren’t easy for me to grasp, I need to hear them hundreds of times to get them down. I read the texts,
attend classes, do the homework, and even then I have to study. My sister on the other hand was always able to get by without doing any of the readings and not always having to study for quizzes. Can you sense the jealousy through the screen? What I am good for is motivation. I’d say I am a solid average student but the motivation I have has taken me above average.

  1. What is it that the professors say? With every 1 hour in class will be 3 hours of studying? I can’t sit still let alone study for that long. Hell no! What I do instead is study efficiently for about an hour a day a week before exams. What I do before that is prep myself to study. I hear the saying fail to plan is planning to fail floating around the healthspiration side of instagram and I think it can be applied for many things. In this case make sure your flash cards or whatever are already made. Making them doesn’t count as studying, even if it helps a bit.
  2. This is very cliche but envision yourself living the job you are studying for. Imagine the lifestyle you will have. For me I think of the places in the world I will be able to travel to, the house I can own, the clothes, the shoes! After you’re living in lalaland imagine the opposite. I think of a small house in the middle of the country in a small town, no offence to y’all there but that’s just my worst case scenario.
  3. Some people listen to music, some eat while studying, but not me. If I am going to do a 1 hour study session than I am going to push myself for that entire hour. No distractions, no little breaks, just me, my flashcards, & a cup of water. I gotta stay hydrated.
  4. Get some sun on your skin! What’s worse than studying all day? Knowing that you’re going to be studying all day while it is a perfectly good day outside. Keep a balanced life and don’t become a puppet to your flashcards. I like to workout outside so I will take this time to do yoga, hike, or a BBG session. Then I shower, eat, and by the time I study I am full of positive vibes so I end up not really dreading the flashcards.
  5. Train yourself like a dog, reward good study habits and punish the bad ones. For me it’s 1 good hour of studying = 1 or 2 hours of netflix. If I have a very distracted study session then I say no to a slice of cake, sushi, pretty much the 1st thing that I really want to eat or do I say no to. For all things good, do not punish yourself with more studying! If you are having a hard time studying you are not going to improve by sitting at the desk for another hour.
  6. Stay vocal about your goals. I am very passionate about mine and so I like to talk about them loads! When I do I see the other person’s face light up and we just have a jolly good time talking about our passions and goals. Telling someone what I am working towards makes it so much easier to sit down and study for an hour!
  7. Respect yourself enough to devote studying and class time to studying and class. You owe it to yourself to achieve your goals so don’t text, browse instagram, or snap your friends during this time.

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