Monday, January 12, 2015

Popping The Question

I’m only 18. I am currently unemployed. I am going to a community college. So it might surprise you when I say I’ve already been asked the question.
And it might be even more surprising when I tell you that I’ve been asked the question more than once.

The question being ‘Are You Ok?’, of course.

What did you think?
‘Are You Ok?’ is an annoying question to receive when you are so obviously not ok. I’ll admit I felt like yelling at people whenever I was asked. But something that I have grown to learn is that my disorder morphed the question whenever it was asked. What seemed to be a caring gesture ended up being perceived as a badgering, annoying, are you really asking this sort of thing. My disorder made me see those who loved me as an annoyance, &even worse it made me think that they were against me.
Deep down I knew that my parents, sister, and friends were asking me because they wanted to know what they can do to help me, but my disorder clouded that judgment. Those who asked became the bad guys to me.
I was dying on the inside & just by asking me the question someone was trying to reach out to me & I refused to take their help.

Next week I’ll be writing about different methods to ask someone if they are ok. I will be using the experience from not only myself but from others with a variety of different disorders.

xBe Strong. Be Lovely. Be You.

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