Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Going Pixie

Today was just an average day.
Wake up
Brush teeth
Apply makeup
Eat oatmeal
Oh, and chop off more than 8 inches of my hair.

Yes guys, I went pixie! I actually don’t know how much hair was chopped but the minimal length for donating was 8 inches and I had that easy! Robbie from Lotus Salon and Spa in Napa did an amazing job and I cannot be more happy! As a lifelong member of the long hair club (except for a short lived moment in 8th grade because I had a surgery with a long recovery span), I decided it was time for something different. And let’s be honest I never treated by long hair the way it should have. It deserved to be pampered and the most I would do on any given day would be to just add a pump of mousse. 

I am loving the pixie life! I admit I still wear a hair tie on my wrist and am constantly trying to make a ponytail with the hair that I no longer have. But it’s my first day with short hair and I am so excited to not have to wear a bun to bed so that my hair doesn't choke me in my sleep! Haha, yep, I think that the pixie life is for me!

xBe Strong. Be Lovely. Be You.

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