Monday, January 26, 2015

Exfoliate & Hydrate in one DIY

So for a quick weekend recap before I share an amazing DIY, let’s start off with where I went. I started my weekend with a tasty dinner & fantastic show at City Winery in the Napa Valley.
5 cellos and one drummer coordinated perfectly together to make upbeat music, my life long friend and recent blogging buddy, Blonde Daze, and I were dancing in our seats! That’s socially acceptable, right? On Saturday I enjoyed a little father, daughter bonding over shopping! Not shopping for me but for my dad because he wanted my expert opinion… I say this while wearing an old tank and panties at 11 am & still in bed. Anyways, we met the sweetest woman, Natalya, I believe was her name. She is from the Ukraine and said that my accent, appearance, and name remind her so much of her home and she hugged me loads! It was the sweetest thing. Lastly on Sunday I had fun looking at yachts and sailboats at the San Francisco Boat Show. One day… one day. It was a pretty good weekend and I am so shocked that I don’t really have pics from it to share.

I doubt that you were all that interested in my weekend but I had a lovely time and I couldn’t not share it! Time for what you’ve been waiting for:

For this DIY you will be needing brown sugar, coconut oil, oats, and water. I eyeball almost everything so I don’t have the exact measurements but you will need a very small plate for the brown sugar and coconut oil and a good sized bowl for the oats.

First I need you to place oats into a bowl and simply add water! I only use a handful of oats for this DIY. With your fist I want you to squeeze down all the oats the the bottom of the bowl. You might have to do this a couple of times so just keep fisting the oats for as long as you please. No judgment.

Next let’s melt some of that coconut oil. Yes, I use a knife to scrape mine out of the jar. When it’s melted add brown sugar and mix.

I pat my face with warm water first before I apply the brown sugar & coconut water mixture all over my face. But stop there! Because instead of using warm water to rinse we are going to use oat water! Tap your face dry with a clean towel& Tadaa you have beautifully exfoliated your face and moisturized it all in one!

If you are reading this confused as to why I want you to rinse with oat water it is because oat water locks in all that moisture! You can also do a google search to know more benefits of oat water because I am too lazy to type them up for ya.
Sorry not sorry.

If you used this DIY please let me know in the comments how it worked out for you :) Also check out my instagram and like my short video about this DIY & tell me if you would want to see more posts like this.

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