Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Beauty For Dummies: Nailed It!

Whether you paint them yourself or go to a salon, having a fresh coat of nails does lift the spirit. I admit that I have never been obsessed with always having a coat of paint over my nails. It’s a bitch to do every week and they chip away too quickly.
So when I got loads of nail polish for Christmas I decided it was about time that I start exploring nail beauty. And damn aren’t I overwhelmed! Did you know what there are lists of nail hacks and tips out there? It’s not as simple as swiping the paint over the nail. No. There’s so much more!
I was pleased to know that weird things that I’ve always done (running my hands under cold water after painting my nails and storing the polishes in the fridge) were actually in the list of things to do! Out of all the different departments of beauty, nails was the one less traveled by me. But not anymore! I am armed with new information and plan on using it!

  1. Don’t cut your cuticles! I don’t think I have ever cut my cuticles, is that weird? At most I would push them back but even when I was doing that I didn’t know why. I just saw girls at my school doing it and I decided to, I guess! Haha, aren’t I glad now that I never cut them!
  2. Moisturizing your cuticles was anything thing I didn’t know until recent. Another cuticle fact unknown from me, damn. The trick to looking like you just left the salon is to moisturize your cuticles after you paint them.
  3. You can fix a hangnail with a teabag and nail glue. This one just blew my mind. I thought I was just helpless to cutting my nails really short whenever this happened. Good to have known! Why didn’t someone tell me about this sooner!? Mom, I am holding you responsible!
  4. Transform an old lip brush into a mistake eraser. You heard me. Use that retired lip brush to tidy thing up when you paint outside the lines. Another tip that I’m surprised I didn’t do before. I’ve been using Q-Tips this whole time!
    5. Set your mani with some Pam spray… Ya this one will be a pass for me but I found it too funny not to mention!

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