Friday, December 12, 2014

My Favorite Christmas Movies

One more week of school and then I’ll be cozying up with a blanket & hot cocoa while watching all of these movies.
It’ll take me a while to get through them as I’m not really one for sitting down for a long time (yet another reason why I dread studying for finals, maybe I should find an active way for studying…?) I like doing stuff! But what’s Christmas without soaking up every bit of holiday goodness before it’s time to hit the books again? And by soaking up I mean really soaking it up until you are completely sick of sugar cookies, Christmas music, and family.
Umm… I mean holiday decorations?
I admit I cannot have a Christmas without watching my favorite Christmas movies. It just doesn’t feel right if I skip them.

So here it is:
Harry Potter- Just my all around favorite series, and I promise there is some Christmas cheer somewhere in them.
It’s a Wonderful Life- Each year the family gathers around to set up our tree while watching the black and white version of the film. But this year we got side tracked and completely abandoned our tradition for the first time ever! I’ll admit that missing it is already messing up my holiday season, haha! Am I being overdramatic?
Home Alone
The Polar Express
The Santa Clause- Has been a holiday must ever since I was a kid watching it in VHS form on a tv that is just as wide as it is deep!
Rise of The Guardians- A new favorite of mine. Let’s get real here, don’t we all want a Jack Frost?

Do we have any favorites in common? Let me know so we can gush over them together!


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    1. Thank you! :) I love your blog and will be following!