Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Goodbye 2014, Hello New Year

This year has brought out an entirely different person in me. I got shit done. I’ve taken up the mentality of ‘don’t complain about something you’re not willing to fix’, which I have to admit I still do but when it concerns me I’ve become an active role. I like to think of it as being my own main character in my life.

  1. What was the most significant event of the past year? Being true to who I am and finding out what I feel passionate about. I must say that reading my memory jar has confirmed my drastic change in character. For the better. In the first couple of months my notes focus on others, what they think, and how that affected me. And I read, month by month, how I grew to realize my own opinions which led to me finally speaking up for myself. I not only found myself this year but I began being myself.
  2. What was my biggest challenge this year? Making new friends and joining up with old ones.
  3. What did I learn? No longer obsessing over how others think of me. I’ve slowly accepted that I cannot please everyone and it was about time that I live for myself!
  4. What am I grateful for? Remember question 2? Yes, those new friends, my family, Figaro, and “swooping myself away with this beautiful life” as one of my memory notes said. Thank you Elyssa Jane for opening up your arms and always making light out of the pathetic things I’d whine about. Thank you Jonathan for reminding me to not rush into ‘growing up’. Thank you Michi, my bestie since 2 years old, for finding the good in the bad and using the bad as a punch line to a joke. Thank you Ferlin because food really is the highlight to every day. Thank you Marisol, my favorite sister, for telling me when enough is enough. Thank you mom and dad for understanding the non understandable teenager I was and the still non understandable adult I am.
  5. What would I have done differently? Accept and let it go. I started the year with so much drama  I’m sure it would have made for a poor reality TV show.
  6. How has FinallyFreckled done? I started this blog only 5 months ago. Although I am still struggling to find that ‘voice’ every blogger talks about. I have a small but constant group of readers, Hello if you are one! But I’m so happy I started when I did because now I have so many fun ideas for 2015! Do I see a giveaway in the future?
  7. How has 2014 changed me? I took chances, I didn’t let my shyness get in the way of good opportunities. I found my passion while rock climbing in Greece, swimming in oceans, and writing. But how did 2014 change me? The truth is it didn’t. Not one bit. I changed me.

Cue the cheesy aww’s!
I’m answering questions from one of my favorite blogs, THE|AVANTGUARDIAN, so if you haven’t already check out her 2014 Recap

Be safe tonight!

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