Wednesday, December 24, 2014

A White Christmas Eve's Eve

A typical Christmas holiday in California is spent in short dresses, shoulder baring tops, & cooling refreshments.
At least that’s how I spend Christmas in the dry, overly crowded desert that we call LA. But this year we decided to take a different route to out our holiday destination, one that would bring us to that white Christmas feel that we all hear too many versions of the same song about. So where better than to go to Mammoth? As skiers and snowboarders this was a wet dream for us all.

We like to travel in style. So we didn't spend two nights at the dolled up lodge but decided to grab a bargain at a dated, one bedroom, blue-carpet baring apartment. Who doesn't like springs digging into your sides as you sleep? My older sister, Marisol, and I shared the sofa-to-bed while my parents shared the bed upstairs.

In spite of having a hard time to sleep, it was hard to not be wide awake & completely in awe when you see how beautiful the slopes are in Mammoth. The trails are wide, which as a beginner was all I could hope for, &after lunch time it seems that there were less people on the slopes. We tried our luck on a black and blue diamond that turns into something much easier and properly named Easy Rider. My dad, the most experienced skier in our family made it look easy! My mom, on the other had, got so scared that she decided to just go straight down about halfway through the black&blue diamond part! My sister seemed to handle the black&blue diamond with a little bit of a struggle while as for me and my runner knees… well, let’s just say that there was a lot of cussing, frustrated strains, and mental screaming going on. Easy Rider was for sure worth it. It was possibly the funnest slope I had been on in years & the snow was perfect!

We visited the lodge twice, both of which we paid the minimum $2 for the 2 hour parking. Also, both trips to the lodge were shorter than 2 hours. It seems like unless you have a reservation for a restaurant there isn't a whole lot to do other than take cute pictures (which we did). Don’t fret if you didn't get a reservation at one of the restaurants in the lodge because just down the street is a whole bunch of restaurants to choose from. We ate at Slocums, no pictures were taken as we were all way too hungry to think about taking those instagram worthy food pics. Our fav’s were the lobster bisque and the Mac n Cheese. Trust me, as a lactose intolerant I was begging for a single bite of the Mac n Cheese and savored the taste as if I had never eaten before.

It is easy to say that we had a ball at Mammoth. It was such a treat to have a white Christmas Eve’s Eve. As I’m writing I am sitting on a sofa with my skinny jeans and a tank top, oh how I love LA.

xBe Strong. Be Lovely. Be You.