Monday, August 18, 2014

Healthy Crepe?

A couple weeks ago my aunt and my cousin visited, all the way from LA. As usual my mother baked and cooked loads of delicious food! We visited San Francisco, my mom took my aunt out to go wine tasting, all in all, their entire visit was spectacular and way too short. On their last day, I decided to make them a filling breakfast- what could be better than crepes!?

What makes these crepes good enough for me to share? Their actually good for you! You heard me, I’m giving you a healthy, simple recipe for crepes.  All you’ll need is:
  •          1 cup Oats
  •          A Food processor
  •          Two eggs
  •          1 cup Milk (I chose Almond Milk)
  •         Organic, real Maple Syrup
  •          3 Peaches, the soft ones
  •          Coconut Oil

You’re going to start off preparing the filling, choose any fruit you want but I am going to use peaches. First you are going to want to peel and slice the peaches thinly. Afterward you are going to put them into a bowl, though make sure that the bowl is large enough to mix the slices around! I made the mistake of choosing a small bowl and I ended up making quite a mess. I eyeballed it, but add a tinsy-tiny amount of organic maple syrup to the peaches. You don’t want to coat the top layer, you want to add just about enough so you can sink your hands in and mix the peaches around. The point is to get a splash of the maple syrup onto each of the peaches, not marinate them! Let them sit in the fridge.

Onto making the crepe itself! Bring your one cup of oats into the food processor and grind that up until the oats resemble a four like texture. Empty out the oat flour into a mixing bowl and add your one cup of milk. Crack two eggs into the mixture and, simply, mix them together! It doesn't take long to mix up the crepe batter. It should look like very watered out pancake mix. The trick is to always have a 1:1 ratio with your oat flour and your milk. (Optional: if you have a sweet tooth, go ahead and splash some of the organic maple syrup into the batter)

Once you are done mixing put a large pan onto the stove and heat it up! I recommend using a pan that is completely smooth, I found out that the bumpy ones are no good to making crepes. Oil up the pan pretty damn good with your coconut oil, then plop some of the batter in the middle! I’m not exactly sure how big you want your crepes, you are limited to the size of your pan obviously. Some recipes I find would say to put 1 tablespoon of the batter. I would recommend you to try that out and after your first one you will either add more or less depending on how you liked the size and thinness of the first attempt.

When the batter is on the pan you want to shake and circulate the batter around. The idea is to spread it into a thin circle. Then wait until even the top seems to be dried, and then flip it and let it stay there for just under a minute. Again, this depends on your heat, I am assuming you are on a medium temperature.
Once your crepe is cooked, place the pears onto one side of the circle and roll it like a thick taquito. 

Whallah! You have made a healthy crepe! Dress it up however you’d like it. I did mine with a homemade berry jam. Hope you enjoy your healthy version of a crepe!

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