Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Back To School Skin Care

It’s back to school for many! Whether you are in High School, in College, or about to start College, there is a sense of excitement in many of us. School can often be a fun, educational experience but it is also extremely stressful… at least for me it is!
Stress is that uncomfortable “flight-or-fight” feeling. When a due date for two essay’s fall on the same week, or too many reading assignments to keep track of, it is easy to feel panicked and freak out! …And who has ever felt more panicked after stressing out because they spent do much time stressing and not working? Because I know I have! School can drive me crazy sometimes.
Being stressed isn't just unhealthy mentally, but it can also cause side effects onto your skin. Here are four tips on how to ease your skin’s impact on stress:

1)    The first thing I like to remind myself to do is hydrate. Skip that soda, and go for some water! Hydrating yourself will also hydrate your skin, keeping it from looking dry and wrinkled. In times of stress, certain scents can help calm you down-like lavender! So instead of water, you can heat up some tea. Not only would it keep you hydrated but the scent will also calm you down.

2)    Exfoliate! I know my last post was to be careful on how often you exfoliate, but in times of stress this may actually help! It’s said that in stressful times your blood circulation is poor. What is a way to improve blood circulation? Massaging and exfoliating the skin! Exfoliating is not only for your face, you should exfoliate your entire body also. My favorite DIY body exfoliator is using coffee grinds, you know that stuff you use once then throw out? You can use the used grids to create a perfect body scrub by adding honey to it. By doing that you are also getting an extra bang for your buck! 

Oh! Look at that! Did you know that honey is great for moisturizing the skin? By using the Coffee Scrub DIY you are hitting both the 1st and 2nd point!

3)    Cleanse your body! Stress builds up toxins in your body that you could easily flush away. Although tea is a good way to do so, I like to take it up a notch and make a green smoothie. Not only can these guys be delicious but they also do a great job at removing harmful toxins. If you are going to make them at home, which I strongly recommend, then you might have to experiment a few times before you find one that you like. You can also use matcha in your smoothie if you want. 

4)    Lastly, try to relax! This is always easier said than done. You know yourself better than I do, so I am not going to recommend you to do anything that I do to calm down. You can take what you read and change it up if you want, but here is what I do: Yoga with no music, put my headphones in and listen to some calming music while laying down, and most importantly, go outside! Hiking is my ultimate relaxer; I jog, walk, and sprint on those trails. Now, like I said, what works for me won’t work for everybody. You know yourself better than anyone else; whatever makes you feel less stressed is exactly what you need to do.

On that note, what are unique ways that you like to de-stress yourself?

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