Monday, December 29, 2014

Poetry Collab

Your heart beat, thats all you hear
Getting faster and faster
Your head is pounding every second that goes by
and you don't know why
Its as if someone took your sanity
and thats making you go blind
Your lungs somehow reject the oxygen that is getting put into them
Making it even harder to breathe
All you can think about is getting out
Getting out of where ever you are
and being alone
Cause when you are alone
No one can know how vulnerable you are.

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

A White Christmas Eve's Eve

A typical Christmas holiday in California is spent in short dresses, shoulder baring tops, & cooling refreshments.

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Let's Talk Sex

Hey guys! It feels like it has been forever since I have posted on this blog. Finals are finally finished! Time to live off of Netflix, peppermint everything, and leggings for the next month.

Friday, December 12, 2014

My Favorite Christmas Movies

One more week of school and then I’ll be cozying up with a blanket & hot cocoa while watching all of these movies.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014


Today I’m stuck inside because of a storm and my massive load of homework. This will be my life for the next week too, damn finals!

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Friday, December 5, 2014

Wen by Chaz Dean-The Ultimate Shampoo

A while ago I made a post about my eczema-ridden, sensitive skin. Well, because of my eczema I have a hard time finding a shampoo that won’t irritate my scalp. I told you that I was on a pursuit to find the ultimate shampoo, and I found it you guys!

Thursday, November 6, 2014

My First Ever Autumn Look Book!

Hello lovelies! Today I am very excited to show y’all my first ever Look Book! This one is based on this crazy autumn we are having here in Cali. I swear, dressing for cold mornings and hot afternoons is driving my bonkers! …Did I really just use the word bonkers? Ugh.

I’ll start off this Look Book with a casual outfit. Since I’m always running all over the place, I like the comfort of plain jeans with a t-shirt. This bag is a must in my wardrobe, it’s my every day, go-to purse. It goes with just about everything! 
Jeans- Hollister
Cheetah Print Top- Ross
Guess Booties
Coach Bag
Ring- Unknown


Time to bust out those beloved maxi skirts that you crazed over this summer and bring them into your autumn wardrobe! I’m pairing it up with these dark brown boots and white socks to tie it into the season. Since I opted for a sequence tank (it’s Holiday season, come on!) I want to make sure that I won’t get the chills-hence the boots. Before you say it, this look would probably leave you freezing if you aren’t as lucky as us here in Cali. Yes, we are spoiled. But if it were to be colder, I would toss on this amazing poncho. It might not be for everyone, but I for one am loving it!
Gold Sequence Tank- Pacsun
Maxi Skirt with Slit- Charlotte Russe
Boots- Nine West
Socks- Burlington
Purse- Thrifted

 Everyone who wears dresses has to have a little black dress for every season. Well, here’s mine for autumn. If I were to visit somewhere a bit more chilly I would add some tights, but seeing how I was actually sweating today I decided to bare my legs! What makes this dress perfect for autumn? I have to say that the sleeves. I’m not one for puffy shoulders, but I must admit that this dress makes me feel like the Holidays are even closer! I am breaking the rules of fashion by  pairing up this lovely black dress with some brown (yes, brown!) booties.  But forget those! This dress has pockets! 

Little Black Autumn Dress- Forever 21
Guess Booties
Cat not included

Leggings, leggings, leggings… What am I going to do about leggings? Yes, they are easy to slip on before morning classes. Yes, they are comfortable as all hell. But every other girl would be wearing the same thing! Change it up and show your daring side with these skeleton leggings! The amount of complements I receive because of them are endless. Because I want to make the bottoms the statement piece of this outfit, I have this oversized, sheer button up. Simply add a bandeau or bra of any color!
Leggings-SockShop Telegraph
Top- Thrifted
Bandeau- Pacsun
Brown Stud Flats-Target
Necklace- Unknown

I kept the best for last! I am at no words for this one.
Black Lace Dress- Ross
Fur Coat- H&M
Black Heels- Payless

xStay Lovely

Monday, September 29, 2014

Friday, September 19, 2014

Plan on Planning Ahead

When I asked my parents for a travel tip, they both said that planning ahead was key.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Your Face is Only as Clean as Your Brush

I think that we all can agree that a clean face is certainly something to aim for. Well, your face is only as clean as the brushes that you use,

Friday, September 12, 2014

Gluten and Dairy Free Waffles?

Hello Lovelies! So I have been really busy in the mornings, most days I have to be out of the house before 9 am.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Let's Go To The Beach!

Hello Lovelies! My older sister is back home from college for the Labor Day weekend. As usual, when we have a guest, my parents and I took her out to explore some neighboring towns. Today we decided to show my sister the beautiful gem that is Stinson Beach!

Yes, I am a selfie loving teen. Surprisingly though, this is the only picture that I have of myself from the day. Sad, I know y’all were looking forward to a blog post dedicated to my face.

The day was sunny and the beach was packed, oh, what a perfect day. I thought the dog looked majestic while running through the water, and no, that is not our dog. It is a random one that I snapped a picture of…
After a day at the beach, we decided to stop in Olema for some food. While that was the plan, my dad realized that the tank was empty, so we took a detour to Point Reye’s for the gas station. My mom pointed out a very cute farmers market, so we had to walk around and see what it had to offer.

The garden was my favorite thing in the farmers market. Call me a hippie, but I love succulents, Buddha, and a water feature-that describes my ultimate reading corner! The market was pretty cute too, although everything in this farmers market was pricey, so no purchases made!

Can we just take a moment and appreciate this book? Found it in the market and thought it worthy of buying…but like I said, this market was expensive.
Now, for the important part of the day-the food! It seemed like I was waiting ages just so I can finally eat. Visiting two towns and not stopping at one of them for food was unbearable. I’m a grazer, I need to eat all of the time! We stopped at a restaurant called Farmhouse in Olema.

I ordered the fish tacos. For the price the meal was set at, I expected at least another taco. In the picture you can see that I was already half-way with one of the taco’s (I forgot to take a picture when it was delivered). I have to say, I was not impressed with the food. Maybe it’s because my mom sets high expectations with her own fish tacos, but these are not tacos I will recommend for any foodie.

My sister ordered the Crab Sandwich, there are two pieces of it but I was only able to catch a picture with one of the pieces. She liked it enough to want to share it. (Over-kill with the portion of fry’s though!)

My mother got the Manila Clam Linguine, which looked absolutely delicious! My dad ordered a cheeseburger with garlic fry’s. You can’t go wrong with this order!

All in all, today was a beautiful day for the beach! Stinson is my favorite NorCal beach to go to. I am actually very surprised that I didn't whip out a yoga pose, or two, on the sandy beach. Darn! Maybe next time!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Back To School Skin Care

It’s back to school for many! Whether you are in High School, in College, or about to start College, there is a sense of excitement in many of us. School can often be a fun, educational experience but it is also extremely stressful… at least for me it is!
Stress is that uncomfortable “flight-or-fight” feeling. When a due date for two essay’s fall on the same week, or too many reading assignments to keep track of, it is easy to feel panicked and freak out! …And who has ever felt more panicked after stressing out because they spent do much time stressing and not working? Because I know I have! School can drive me crazy sometimes.
Being stressed isn't just unhealthy mentally, but it can also cause side effects onto your skin. Here are four tips on how to ease your skin’s impact on stress:

1)    The first thing I like to remind myself to do is hydrate. Skip that soda, and go for some water! Hydrating yourself will also hydrate your skin, keeping it from looking dry and wrinkled. In times of stress, certain scents can help calm you down-like lavender! So instead of water, you can heat up some tea. Not only would it keep you hydrated but the scent will also calm you down.

2)    Exfoliate! I know my last post was to be careful on how often you exfoliate, but in times of stress this may actually help! It’s said that in stressful times your blood circulation is poor. What is a way to improve blood circulation? Massaging and exfoliating the skin! Exfoliating is not only for your face, you should exfoliate your entire body also. My favorite DIY body exfoliator is using coffee grinds, you know that stuff you use once then throw out? You can use the used grids to create a perfect body scrub by adding honey to it. By doing that you are also getting an extra bang for your buck! 

Oh! Look at that! Did you know that honey is great for moisturizing the skin? By using the Coffee Scrub DIY you are hitting both the 1st and 2nd point!

3)    Cleanse your body! Stress builds up toxins in your body that you could easily flush away. Although tea is a good way to do so, I like to take it up a notch and make a green smoothie. Not only can these guys be delicious but they also do a great job at removing harmful toxins. If you are going to make them at home, which I strongly recommend, then you might have to experiment a few times before you find one that you like. You can also use matcha in your smoothie if you want. 

4)    Lastly, try to relax! This is always easier said than done. You know yourself better than I do, so I am not going to recommend you to do anything that I do to calm down. You can take what you read and change it up if you want, but here is what I do: Yoga with no music, put my headphones in and listen to some calming music while laying down, and most importantly, go outside! Hiking is my ultimate relaxer; I jog, walk, and sprint on those trails. Now, like I said, what works for me won’t work for everybody. You know yourself better than anyone else; whatever makes you feel less stressed is exactly what you need to do.

On that note, what are unique ways that you like to de-stress yourself?

Monday, August 18, 2014

Healthy Crepe?

A couple weeks ago my aunt and my cousin visited, all the way from LA. As usual my mother baked and cooked loads of delicious food! We visited San Francisco, my mom took my aunt out to go wine tasting, all in all, their entire visit was spectacular and way too short. On their last day, I decided to make them a filling breakfast- what could be better than crepes!?

What makes these crepes good enough for me to share? Their actually good for you! You heard me, I’m giving you a healthy, simple recipe for crepes.  All you’ll need is:
  •          1 cup Oats
  •          A Food processor
  •          Two eggs
  •          1 cup Milk (I chose Almond Milk)
  •         Organic, real Maple Syrup
  •          3 Peaches, the soft ones
  •          Coconut Oil

You’re going to start off preparing the filling, choose any fruit you want but I am going to use peaches. First you are going to want to peel and slice the peaches thinly. Afterward you are going to put them into a bowl, though make sure that the bowl is large enough to mix the slices around! I made the mistake of choosing a small bowl and I ended up making quite a mess. I eyeballed it, but add a tinsy-tiny amount of organic maple syrup to the peaches. You don’t want to coat the top layer, you want to add just about enough so you can sink your hands in and mix the peaches around. The point is to get a splash of the maple syrup onto each of the peaches, not marinate them! Let them sit in the fridge.

Onto making the crepe itself! Bring your one cup of oats into the food processor and grind that up until the oats resemble a four like texture. Empty out the oat flour into a mixing bowl and add your one cup of milk. Crack two eggs into the mixture and, simply, mix them together! It doesn't take long to mix up the crepe batter. It should look like very watered out pancake mix. The trick is to always have a 1:1 ratio with your oat flour and your milk. (Optional: if you have a sweet tooth, go ahead and splash some of the organic maple syrup into the batter)

Once you are done mixing put a large pan onto the stove and heat it up! I recommend using a pan that is completely smooth, I found out that the bumpy ones are no good to making crepes. Oil up the pan pretty damn good with your coconut oil, then plop some of the batter in the middle! I’m not exactly sure how big you want your crepes, you are limited to the size of your pan obviously. Some recipes I find would say to put 1 tablespoon of the batter. I would recommend you to try that out and after your first one you will either add more or less depending on how you liked the size and thinness of the first attempt.

When the batter is on the pan you want to shake and circulate the batter around. The idea is to spread it into a thin circle. Then wait until even the top seems to be dried, and then flip it and let it stay there for just under a minute. Again, this depends on your heat, I am assuming you are on a medium temperature.
Once your crepe is cooked, place the pears onto one side of the circle and roll it like a thick taquito. 

Whallah! You have made a healthy crepe! Dress it up however you’d like it. I did mine with a homemade berry jam. Hope you enjoy your healthy version of a crepe!